Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Welcome to the new Cherryholmes Blogger site!

This site was set up with YOU, the fan, in mind. It's a place for you to meet the band, learn about upcoming shows, about music, well, about Cherryholmes!

Starting off on a monthly basis, we will have members of the band keep up with the blog, post items, help keep you up with what they can, and give you a chance to get to know what's happening on the road.

This site was set up with you in you an inside on what's happening with Cherryholmes and their music.

This is set up so you can have a place to express your feelings about Cherryholmes in your comments. And, we understand that there are those who don't always love what we do, and welcome their opinions, and are not opposed to you not loving us as much as others!

Let's keep it clean! No profanities, no derogatory statements, and no bullying! And that means with other people who post too!

Let's have fun! We will do our best to get on here as much as we can. Each band member will, over the next few months, start adding some fun things they want to talk about. Maybe you can give us some suggestions! Remember, though, they are busy playing on the road, getting to you up close and personal, so they might not get back as soon as you may like! But, they will do the best they can!

So, here we go! Thanks for visiting the site!


  1. Great to see you adding additional function to your website.

  2. My wife and I saw you in Elmira, NY and also in williamsport Pa last fall? Just love your #III
    what a blessing to a parent to see their children grow and turn into such amazing people.
    How do I know? well I was watching pretty close to the enteraction among the siblings. lets just say you guys are a joy to watch and hear too. may the lord continue His care of you!


  3. We first saw you at Dollywood last year and wow! Because the first concert was so terrific, we made sure that we came back to the same venue on the same day to see your second concert! Looking forward to seeing you in KY at one of the bluegrass festivals!

  4. we love you guys--what a nice family--keep up the good work.

  5. My wife and I caught your show at Lake Havasu and really enjoyed it. Hope you can make it back out west again this winter.

  6. Hey Big Bro and Family. . .guess what??? I'm now an official follower. Love you guys. . .miss you bunches. Keep rejoicing!!! Aunt Daphy

  7. My husband and I have been to 5 Cherryholmes concerts in the past 2 years. We absolutely love you guys! First show was at the Ryman in summer of 2007 and sometime during the song "I Don't Know", I knew your music touched my heart. The other shows that we caught were:Louisville (by the river), Cincinnati Appalachian Festival, Springfield, Ohio and Wilmington Ohio. Hope to see you either in Nashville, Indiana or Fairdale, Ky. Our little town of Fort Thomas, Ky would be very honored to host a show at the Ampitheater that will be completed sometime in the near future.

  8. Hullo from Bradford on Avon, England. I found, bought and loved "Cherryholmes 111", and friends I've played it to have been very impressed.I am a rather elementary guitar player (late starter) involved in the local live music scene, and after figuring out the chords to "Goodbye", terrific song, have performed it a couple of times with two friends at pub open-mic nights, went down very well. (Hope you don't mind the piracy, there was no money in it!).
    Are you planning to tour the U.K. again?

  9. Hello to the family of Cherryholmes. My name is Patti and I live in Ohio with a guy named Jack...we have just been introduced to your music and love it! We are looking forward to hearing you in concert, hopefully this summer.
    Jack's question is this...have you made a CD with yodeling on it? Thanks for your time.

  10. Hey guys! This is Cia. Thanks for joining our blog. To Adrian: We actually just played in the UK in January. There is a possibility we may come back again this summer. Hope so! And don't worry, you can do any song of ours you like :)To Jack: Unfortunately, we have not recorded any yodel songs yet. Sorry!Take care,Cia

  11. Hi Cia... thanks for answering Jacks yodel question... Sounds like everyone is totally busy! Spring here is nice, wet...but riding weather on the way! Yodel A Lady Who...Take care, pattib

  12. Hey Jere, whats up with the trimmed beard?
    had to do a double take when we saw you....

  13. My wife and I caught your show in Nashville IN. I wasn't a Blue Grass fan until I heard your band. The quality and harmony of the vocals, not to mention the mastery of your instruments just blew us away. We are now loyal fans and are spreading the news to our friends about a great "new" group, Cherryholmes. Mark and Kathy

  14. Hey Cherryholmes family from Sweet Home, Birmingham Alabama.
    I and the many others here were soooooo impressed with each of your musical talents, harmonies and your mama steppin'! EVERYONE thought that y'all put on an AWESOME show in Hoover Alabama.
    I am the "three-dipper CD buyer" Retired U.S.N Vietnam veteran who hugged your neck Cia :) My wife and I have enjoyed y'alls three CD's and I have even converted some my hardcore classic rock fans y'alls way when there hear y'alls songs. We can't wait until your next performance here in Alabama or close by.
    We are now Cherryholmes fans for life!!!
    I personally wanted to say Thank You for the touching, He's My Son, song. This song carried me back to my three-tours in Nam 70'-72'
    God Bless each of you and tell your dad hey from a fellow "Brown Water Navy Shipmate."
    Peace, Admiration, Love & Respect
    Carl & Cindy,
    New Bama,Cherryhomes Fans

  15. Hi all. Is it my imagination or did you have a date set in August for the Wetzel County Fair in New Martinsville, West Virginia? I believe it was around the 27th? I was hoping to bring my 4year old grandson Karder to see you guys...he likes to hear Black and White when we get in the car...only will sing the "boy" songs
    Thanks. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  16. August 17,2009
    I was fortunate to see you guys play @ the benefit for Maytown,AL. The Band played excellent and I intend on seeing you again, all members showed great versatility & skill in muscianship, Molly & Cia are very talented & very pretty as well, especially Cia. Again, great show & look forward to seeing you all again, continued Blessings upon you all. MDC

  17. You guys are wonderful! My mom, sister, and I went to your show at the Paramount theatre in Charlottesville, VA. We all were blown away by your talent and stage presence- you genuinely are having fun up there! God Bless and come back to C'ville soon! Any plans to come back this way next year?
    Also, any plans to put out a songbook for any of the albums?

  18. I haven't been a big bluegrass fan but I saw Cherryholmes on public TV recently and started listening to their music on YouTube. After listening to their music for a few weeks, I visited their website to discover their concert schedule. I was amazed they would be performing at the Shenandoah Music Festival, which is relatively close my home. I can honestly say I loved every second of their performance! Their vocals and harmonies were unbelievable and their talent as musicians was remarkable! I have seen some of the biggest name acts in rock the past couple years and thought this was one of the best performances I have ever seen! Needless to say, I bought a CD after the show and the family was gracious enough to sign the cover! I bought two more CDs this morning and plan to attend more of their concerts in the future. I encourage everyone who loves music, talented musicians, bluegrass, great entertainment, family atmosphere, etc. to give Cherryholmes a chance! You won't be disappointed! Dennis

  19. Cherryholmes, Thanks again for coming all the way up the the Great Northwest last night and performing a fantastic show for the Bremerton WA crowd. Your sound and stage energy is contagious. My wife and I both loved "Broken" and keep on playing those Celtic tunes. Cia you're gonna get that Grammy yet. Love the new CD - can't stop listening now. Hope you all come back soon now - backstage Paul.

  20. Just caught your show on Sunday night @ the Sunrise Theatre in Ft.Pierce, FL. Fantastic! The young man (16 yrs.), sitting next to me @ the show, has decided to take up banjo! I think you may be the reason, Cia! Look forward to the new CD. Loved the new stuff! Thanks again for sharing your love of music... Anne

  21. Molly;
    As a left handed picker, I'm now taking up the fiddle. I'm having trouble finding a shoulder rest that I can work with. What do you use? Thanks for the help.

  22. Jere, Sandy, Cia, Skip, BJ & Molly,
    We were fortunate to see you for the 2nd time last night at New Life church in So.Indiana. Your talents, hard work, friendliness and adherence to Higher values are much appreciated. Each one of you hold an amazing talent. God bless & safe travels.
    D. Chatham & family

  23. Hey Guys,
    Your Last Cd was really a thing of beauty, loved the influences of other music. Very good recording, hope to getit someday, Keep up the great music!!!
    Jim Moulton


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